Thursday, January 26, 2006

Elie Saab Couture Spring 2006

Elie Saab gives us a complete line of cocktail and evening spectacular clothes, as we have come to expect.

This lovely cocktail suit is simply encrusted with beading, as shown in the close-up below. A lovely, flippy skirt with many layers of foundation.

Asymmetry on the stiffened collar works wonderfully with the bias ruching of this dress.

Still showing the very popular encrusted tweed jacket with chiffon dress look.

A detail of the interesting embellishment scheme.

Bouffant tulle godets.

What a charming suit!

A most modern cocktail look.

Very debutante.

Very pretty draping effect.

Just a very pretty dress, especially if you like bows.

A very interesting dress. A little more sophisticated and adult than some of his. I like it very much.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2006

Gaultier Goes to Greece, and aren't we having a wonderful time?

A beautiful pleated skirt a la traditional Greek soldiers, and a great hem.

An opulent, yet sleek belt, with the look of Mykonos.

A beautiful, classic pantsuit, but look at the lovely pleated ruffle on the blouse collar and cuffs, and the appliquéd lapels and cuff turnbacks. The 2 close-ups below tell the tale of beautiful details.

The artfully tied blouse cuff, with the lined and appliqué-edged jacket sleeve turnback.

This shot of the back of the sleeve tells the tale of amazing attention to the tiniest detail. The shaped turnback, double-button french-cuff-like closures, and that wonderful appliqué work. It's all very reminiscent of his Fall 2005 show, with the appliquéd pant waistbands that matched the blouses, only this is more refined, and much more classic.

An interesting suit shape, and there's that Mykonos gold again.

A little more visible, just because of the color. The chiffon underblouse has wonderful pleated sleeves with a cord run through the pleats loosely at the hem.

What interesting embellishment on the top, and I do believe those are actual bell bottom pants.

Certainly a unique suit. I like the latticework with the embroidery, however impractical it is on this garment.

A very well done balloon skirt, which is the logical extension of this shape, and very appealing.

A beautiful gown.

Another of his writhing embellishments on a lovely gown.

A complete change of pace, with hard-edged modernity in satin.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Revillon Couture Fall/Winter 2006

Rick Owens bought the Revillon licence, and has brought his aesthetic to the house of beautiful furs. Quite an interesting show. A lot of the fabric looks like fine, boiled wool, but I believe it is a cashmere fabrication, as could be expected.

Very intriguing sheer top with a twill tie neck fastening.

We've seen these draped shawl collars, but not in fur.

This outfit is charming, but look at the back closure below. Inspired!

What a stunning coat! So simple, yet so lovely.

Interesting seaming on an asymmetric outer garment.

Another interesting coat. They almost look like they're on backward, but it gives the luxe materials a very casual appeal. You can see the backview below, behind the full fur.

Beautiful pieces, with weirdly high, yet proportionally fascinating collars.

Wildly creative materials, seaming, shapes, closure. All in one garment.

Gazar gone wild, but it does work. Lovely pieces, and so modern.

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Lacroix Couture Spring 2006

Classic Lacroix colors and shapes. Here's the big collar again.

A double-breasted jacket with shorter front panels, making a ubiquitous shape fresh and new. It looks like sequined pocket bags, but I think it's the entire panel.

I adore this look with the wildly outsized collar and jabot. Look at the beautiful lace appliqué on the jacket, shown below.

This manages to be luxe and sporty at the same time; not an easy feat.

Well, we've all been wondering if puffed sleeve caps are really coming back, and I guess the answer is yes. What a great jacket though, and the print placement is perfect.

Great jacket, great dress; I think they're still fighting to see who comes out on top, though.

A beautifully understated gown.

A wonderfully done Classical gown.

I really like the cowl front on this sheer printed gown.

Another pannier gown, which is just charming with it's folded layers.

This is almost mermaid-like, with the gold floral embellishment on the lace overblouse.

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Chanel Couture Spring 2006

The new Chanel suit look for spring, with the emphasis on the waist.

Masterful shoulder shaping. It looks like a shrug over a high bodice, but I believe it's one piece.

A very sporty treatment.

A little different style of fringe on this moderne dress.

Darling use of braided yarn trim on this powder pink bouclé.

And the complete ensemble.

More great suit trimming, with the addition of 2 buttons to emphasize the waist.

The ultimate carwash skirt, but look at the perfect jacket.

Almost a throwback to last fall's deeply sequined collection. However, this has the lightness of spring.

Tiny pleats overall, with sheer stripes.

Such a confection!

What a unique decorative scheme. Very modern, with a hint of the '60's.

Navy blue in a sea of white. Wonderful scalloped edges on the overskirt and the tunic-bolero overbodice.

Finally, a graceful skirt length. A lovely change in the suit look.

A beautifully shaped, simple dress with interest at the neck and hem to draw the eye all the way up and back down.

A much more wearable pannier-style gown than seen previously today.

Over the top from embellishment almost to encrustation, and yet still perfect. All that torn tulle gaining as it goes down the skirt is wonderful with the very controlled reembroidered lace bodice and jacket.

The floating wedge dress. Babydoll innocence for a modern bride.

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