Monday, January 24, 2011

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2011

Almost every garment in this collection has a sheer overlay, which is a look I really like. Beautiful embroidery and embellishment is classic Dior, of course.

This is the first of a couple of 'back-to-front' effect jackets, which I'm liking a lot. This has a lot of volume in the front, but the back, which you can see at the side, in the second photo, is the real treat.

This is my favorite 'backward' jacket, and again, you can see the back in the second photo. I could see this shape in a much more casual, and cold-weather look with pants and a turtleneck underneath the jacket.

The beautiful cutaway coatdress is nothing to sneeze at either. I love the play of overlay and no overlay.

One more volume jacket, and the asymmetry of the pattern on the fabric and the overlay is quite fetching. The back is on the next photo as well as a lovely dress.

This angled volume is wonderful. I love the top with the volume and sheer overlay emphasized on the right, and the skirt with the volume, overlay and embroidery on the left. Too perfect.

How sophisticated is this? The embroidery once again enhances the design rather than just being a beautiful addition. I am just so impressed with the way every single element of this design adds to the complete package. There's not a false note anywhere.

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