Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture

I think this must be the dress with the 2500 meters of ribbon. Quite a tour de force, but I'm not sure it's terribly appealing. There is quite a group of skirts with this shape, which does not necessarily carry on all the way around the skirt.

More ribbon and a tulip skirt.

A very interesting sleeve treatment, with an extended flange over the shoulder and sheer sleeves underneath. Almost a medieval/renaissance construction.

Pretty choker holding the twist draping.

I like the top of this. Very interesting dart shaping and the curved hip seams are unusual, but seem to fit in. This cap sleeve is used a lot in this collection. Detail below.

He uses a lot of cartridge pleating in applied pieces, both on the skirt here, and on the bodice at the shoulder. Beautifully embroidered fabric.

This is just so appealing, and so young.

Control through pleating/gathering.

A very soft hem on the top.

Beautiful hip emphasis and embroidery.

Beautiful soft neckline and dimensional flowers.

Classic Dior ballgown.

I love the Delft embroidery on the inside of the skirt.

If you love beautiful fabric, you have to love this dress.

Interesting construction. It's all inside out, as are many in this collection, but how perfectly done. Love the wavy seam allowances. Details below.

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