Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chanel Couture Spring 2006

The new Chanel suit look for spring, with the emphasis on the waist.

Masterful shoulder shaping. It looks like a shrug over a high bodice, but I believe it's one piece.

A very sporty treatment.

A little different style of fringe on this moderne dress.

Darling use of braided yarn trim on this powder pink bouclé.

And the complete ensemble.

More great suit trimming, with the addition of 2 buttons to emphasize the waist.

The ultimate carwash skirt, but look at the perfect jacket.

Almost a throwback to last fall's deeply sequined collection. However, this has the lightness of spring.

Tiny pleats overall, with sheer stripes.

Such a confection!

What a unique decorative scheme. Very modern, with a hint of the '60's.

Navy blue in a sea of white. Wonderful scalloped edges on the overskirt and the tunic-bolero overbodice.

Finally, a graceful skirt length. A lovely change in the suit look.

A beautifully shaped, simple dress with interest at the neck and hem to draw the eye all the way up and back down.

A much more wearable pannier-style gown than seen previously today.

Over the top from embellishment almost to encrustation, and yet still perfect. All that torn tulle gaining as it goes down the skirt is wonderful with the very controlled reembroidered lace bodice and jacket.

The floating wedge dress. Babydoll innocence for a modern bride.

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