Monday, October 10, 2005

John Galliano Spring RTW 2006

John Galliano had the most unusual show. It was perhaps a little light on breakthrough fashion trends, as is usually true of most designers, but he staged quite an interesting parade. He used mainly couples, and I will be ignoring the men, as they were most often a foil for the women, who were of many ages, many sizes and many shapes. Most interesting to see Galliano's idea of what should be worn by some of these figures. The older ladies were the most interesting I think. They wore their garments with style and panache, and carried off a dignity of presence that was quite gratifying.

Overlays of sheer fabric, as on this suit, were shown quite a lot.

Same thing on a shaped skirt.

A very nice, classic look.

The cutaway coat on the right has such an interesting print, and it hangs so beautifully.

Machine embroidery on this pantsuit evokes the femininity factor that seems to be an overarching theme this year. The more I see pantsuits like this, the more they make me think that Olivier Theyskens at Rochas is leading the way with his long, lean trailing skirts and similar silhouetted pantsuits.

A very cute jacket with great bows.

Beautiful jacket with the same lines as the coat above. Almost the only print in this show is the one with script as the design.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Liana for the photos. I'm definately going to watch Fashiontrance for this collection. I wish more designers would use "unique looking" individuals. Along with the height variation of the models I wish there were more weight variation also.

9:53 AM  

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