Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Balenciaga Spring 2006 RTW

Lots of wonderful things here, and quite intricate for RTW.

Bubble dresses were to the fore.

Jacquard pantsuit with a very buttoned-up blouse.

An interesting fabric combination. It almost makes the collar and placket seem to be accessories rather than an integral part of the chiffon blouse.

Very similar idea with a completely different look because of the prints.

Appliquéing a print stripe from the blouse onto the pant waistband is an unusual detail, and very interesting.

Close up of another of several pantsuits, this with a different collar treatment.

An intricately pieced and seamed knit top. It looks like a sheer knit with 2 or more layers in places.

Another innovative use of the shaped edge of the print at the shoulders, and a cute, cute skirt shape. Once again the placket and collar appear as ornaments.

The shoulder shape especially is a little droopy, but the use of the lace at the neckline is rather stunning.

Here's a close up of the lace neckline.

Another interesting layered knit. This photo has been lightened so the details show.

This has quite a lingerie feel to it, and what a delicate bolero.

The closures are just darling, and so feminine.

Rather reminiscent of The Infanta, and of course, Balenciaga was Spanish.

The epitome of the cocktail jacket. One of many.



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