Thursday, September 15, 2005

Roland Mouret Spring 2006

I'd been led to believe that Mr. Mouret's collection was dull and repetitive of last year's, and yet I was pleased to find that I have been more excited by his offering than any other I've seen so far. I hope you enjoy it too!

A little retro, but what a lovely shape, and an interesting double neckline.

Great cuffed pants, and the overblouse is tied loosely at the back to achieve the drape. It's just such a nice shape, and what a pretty collar.

This is one great dress! Actually a dress and coat I suppose, but the "coat" is so close to the body, it must be a slip dress.

Close up of the collar.

Another fabulous dress.

Same print as the overblouse above, but so stunning as a skirt, and is it appliquéd to the yoke? After studying several more garments with this fabric, I believe it's a printed chiffon applied to the skirt.

Here's my choice for "Little Black Dress" of the season!

Another wonderful tailoring/draping melange.

The plaid adds an extra dimension and emphasis to the drape.

Such a cute take on a T-shirt with a pocket.

Lotta chiffon goin' on.

This clearly shows one of his tricks of having one sleeve cut with the back and crossing over under the "center" closing of the larger front piece. Very cute.



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