Thursday, September 15, 2005

Doo.Ri Spring 2006

Doo.Ri has been known for draping, and there is lovely draping here as well as some interesting tailoring.

I really like the sheer fabrics she's using around the face. They really soften the look.

Here's a close-up of the sheer collar.

Interesting button-on trenchcoat styling.

Unusual draped leather jacket, and a nice draped knit top.

Close-up of the same.

This is her main style of pant; very slim. This very much draped top is definitely unusual.

Another successful coat experiment. This one, a double ruffle collar.

A double-layer sheer top leans a little toward the shrunken look.

This time a suit with the double ruffled collar/jabot. Single layer linen or cotton for the ruffle.

A very pretty dress with lovely, soft embellishment, and a surprise at the back.

This is the style of back on quite a few of the dresses. Some have a sheer back even when the front has no sheer at all.



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