Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bill Blass Spring 2006

Some are complaining that since Mr. Blass died, the line is not the same, and of course it isn't, but there are some lovely things just the same.

Still the raised waist look at Blass, and a lovely coat/dress combination.

The effect of a bubble skirt without the sometimes problematic hem effect.

Just a nice skirted suit look with the fuller skirt we're seeing so much of, and a cardigan style jacket that still has the interest at the neck that so many of us depend upon.

A full-skirted shirtwaist looks good again.

He does show several very nice pantsuits. The details are easiest to see in the white, but he shows metallic khaki and black as well.

A very pretty spring coat which could well be an evening coat also.

What a great look for spring. A matching dress and coat, but with a more interesting shape than the usual sheath. Lovely fabric too.

Same thing but with more of a skirt and blouse effect.

Gorgeous evening gown with beautiful embroidered lace.

Another lovely column gown, in a great print; same as the shirtwaist above.

What a pretty, interesting yoke effect. This would make a great daydress in a street length.



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