Monday, September 12, 2005

Luca Luca Spring 2006

I usually like Luca Luca's Spring things, and this year is no different. He has nice, cool colors, and some very cute details.

A nice linen top with a jacket, and even the Bermuda shorts aren't too bad. They're always such a good idea for a silhouette, but when it comes to figure-flattery, it's usually a whole different story.

This is just a beautiful dress, and a very nice use of chiffon (or tulle?) with the pleats falling into the skirt. He reprises this idea a little later.

I love a Spring Coat, and this one's very cute, with the embroidered strawberries, but why not extend the scallops to the hem? It looks very awkward just stopping in the middle of nowhere. I suppose that's where the waist seam is, but there's no reason they couldn't have had scallops on the skirt front too. Even an applied placket would have been better than this.

The epitome of summer chic: Black & White in a casual wide leg pant outfit.

Such a cute summer skirt, with piped gores and embroidery/applique. This would be just as cute on a 5-year -0ld, and there aren't many things that translate that well between generations.

I love the pleats in the bodice that continue into the skirt, although the ruching and ruffling at the hem is perhaps overkill.

I like the pleated hem on the top, and the shorts with the knit top.

This is just such a nice way to use a little sheer fabric in a day look. It looks very fresh and cool, too.

What beautiful handling of stripes so as to enhance the design. Very pretty.



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