Thursday, July 21, 2005

Armani Privé Fall Couture 2005

This jacket shape and closure are similar to those shown by Valentino. Tight midriff, and open above and below. Very cute silk rosette buttons, and the peplum hem looks like an unpressed ruffle. If you don't watch out, the cleaners will press this type of hem nice and flat. He's showing a sharply square, but fairly narrow shoulder. Very sharp lapels echoing the shoulder line. A nice, lightweight straight skirt with a flippy hem.

Same basic jacket shape, but with a shaped hem. Similar buttons. Shawl collars seem to be very big this year. I have seen a lot of trouser-style pants this year, but always in a very, very drapey fabric, so there is no bulk at the hips. It just gives a little swing. I think we're all tired of the skintight pants look, so maybe we're coming out of the woods.

A gored skirt with godets this time, with the jacket lapels raised. Looks like the collar may be the satin.

A better look at this asymmetrical shawl collar with the rose. The pants are yoked and high-waisted this time, and what interesting hem bands.

Classic jacket shape with wide bound-edge lapels and collar. The self scarf attached with a brooch is charming.

Wonderful shaped neckline on a dramatic evening jacket with half-bow closure and darling sleeves.

A very wearable dinner/cocktail dress. Almost severe, but for the chiffon capelet,and very Armani!

I like the 2 piece effect with the floating skirt. This could be very cute as a day look, with a shorter skirt.

"Are there any more ruffles in the back? No? Well, I guess we're done here."

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