Friday, March 18, 2005


Nicolas Ghesquière

Lots of military influence here too, and loads of toggle closures. Fun little rolled bow at the neck.

Cute decorative toggles that don't actually do anything.

Turnbuckle closures this time.

A nice, wide funnel neck and cuffs on top and pants.

A quilt block effect with stripes on a nice deep turned down cowl collar, with another block on the dress beneath.

Another quilted effect, with denim binding.

Still the tailored jacket with casual pants. Blouse with high, pleated ruffle collar. Lots and lots of fur this fall; certainly a removeable collar.

Amazing feathered ruffles, but the double hem is what is most interesting. He shows this on tops also.

A cuffed hem and patch pockets are also details seen often here.



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