Thursday, March 10, 2005


Okay, just ignore the shorts, knickers and bloomers, and concentrate on the jackets, etc. Don't you love the hats, though?

Almost a line-drawing of a jacket. All the curves, the shapes, the pocket flaps, the silhouette; everything looks as if it had been drawn in 2 dimensions rather than sewn in 3. A perfect archetype of today's jacket, except for the addition of the little tied collar, which is very cute.

Cute update on the jeans jacket, with snaps, and very accessible.

Wide revers with no collar, and asymmetrical closure.

Graphic, dot-like print, in a near-poncho style. I think it's a particularly square wrap jacket-top with a shoulder closure. Wouldn't this be cute in a heavy, drapy silk crepe, lined to the edge? Nice and breezy for summer too.

One of many perfect suits.

Lovely collar and neckline, at least what can be seen in black.

Same collar in red. Nice asymmetry, and I like the side closure.

Interesting contrast collar facing. This could be done on any garment. It really frames the face.

The first real swing coat I've seen in a runway show for a while.

Extremely graphic fabric with piped armscye and sleeve seams.

Gorgeous tweed jacket with that collar again.

The ultimate shrunken jacket?

Interesting embellishment. Almost looks like applied roving, and there's that softened skirt hemline he's showing a lot. It's almost on its way to being a bubble skirt.

Lovely beaded jacket.



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