Saturday, February 26, 2005

Greatest Hits of the '80's?

Roberto Cavalli has the blouse thing going too, and here's a dress in a wonderful print in that vein.

A close up of the belt he uses throughout the collection, and a blouse.

And shades of the '80's! Look at these sleeves. Are we going back to gathered caps now? Maybe with all the emphasis on hips in the couture collections, the shoulders need to get bigger to balance? Or maybe it's just a passing aberration.Notice the fly-front zipper on the skirt. Those come around again every once in a while, but they're not too flatteing on most women.

Definitely channeling YSL for this one, and several others.

Another nice blouse. These all just remind me so much of the '80's and possibly early '90's.
His fabrics are fabulous, but everything is just on the edge of being overdone, and some have definitely fallen over the edge. Just a few of his details would do wonders for a wardrobe though.



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