Monday, March 07, 2005

Chanel RTW

Chanel always gives us plenty to look at and to think about. The ideas are thick on the ground here, and it's a lovely collection. I really like the evolution of designs over the seasons that becomes noticeable. He drops the things that don't really work (though these are few) and moves along with the others. What fun to watch!

Jackets are getting a little longer and less structured at Chanel. Fringe is still our friend.

Tucked-in blouse with loose tucks and cute belt at the top of the skirt. Tweed jacket and 2-layer skirt are so light they look as though they might fly away.

Back to a more fitted silhouette, yet still boxier than the shrunken jackets innovated by Chanel several seasons ago, that we still see in ubiquity. A nice pleated yoked skirt to finish things off.

New longer skirt length. Still seeing the zip front jackets, especially in knits and more casual fabrications.

Lovely soft mohair coat in colors as soft as the fabric.

Here's that drop-waisted skirt again from the couture collections of the last few seasons, in a couple of incarnations, the second a little drastic, just to make the point.

This has definite sundress possibilities. Cute use of mesh for the overlay and the jacket.

Very cute, wearable two piece dress. Easy fitting top over a nice skirt. What's not to like?

Low waisted again with a darling light top with this year's go-everywhere detail, a bow. Quite an original use of tweed.

How long has it been since we've seen a plain weave, plain colored fabric? Very refreshing, and very new. Same style as the last, with a twisted yoke. Cute even for summer.

Last in the Black and White portion of the show, an architectural masterpiece.
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