Saturday, July 09, 2005

Chanel Couture Fall 2005

Wonderful clothes, as usual, all with black coats/overgarments, lined to match the suits or dresses underneath. Black is definitely to the fore. Almost all of the looks would seem to be for evening. Sequins are the tamest of the adornments. Several of the evening coats are the most delicate things imagineable.

None of the suits really grabbed me, although all of them were very nice. I like some of the plain wool crepe (actually it has a nubby look to it) ensembles that look very classic Balenciaga to me.

Very cute button placement with inseam buttonholes, and decorative seaming.
His shoulder lines seem to get narrower and narrower.

Here's a wonderful plaid in a suit.

Three-quarter sleeves are still with us (thank goodness!) as we see in this detail shot of a lovely double-breated faille jacket. A very cute button trim.

A "simple" little empire dress.

This is a close up of the above dress, and what a difference a few sequins can make. Marvelous embellishment detail, and also on the inside of the coat.

This is such a gorgeous thing. The sequins make it look almost liquid, but the silhouette is wonderful.

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