Friday, July 22, 2005

Anne Valérie Hash Couture Fall 2005

This is a very feminine collection with a "romantic messiness" which can be very appealing in the right hands. Pieces can easily be pulled out on their own, even from some looks that would be rather difficult to wear as a whole.

Cute bolero with an interesting collar.

These are probably the cutest leggings or narrow trousers I've ever seen! The lace is just darling, and ties at the ankle are perfect with it. I think it would have to be a rather stiff lace so as not to collapse into the look of tights.

Another pair of these cute pants, in more of an embroidered tulle. This is the best "pants under a dress" look I've seen.

Something about this dress appeals. I think it's the combination of the fabric, sleeves, dropped waistline, and interesting ruffle placement on the skirt.

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