Sunday, July 24, 2005

Christian Lacroix Couture Fall 2005

I just love Lacroix, and this year is no different. He comes up with things that are interesting, well executed, and just plain pretty. His color and pattern mixing never fail to amaze me. Another great collection!

Gorgeous colors of course, fabulous fabric, and a great coat shape.

What a confection! Rows of ruffles on tulle make a perfectly charming suit.

A darling, eminently wearable 2 piece dress with low waist. Really quite simple, but what accessories! I like the embellishment just at the hem of the skirt too.

A beautifully cut suit with passementerie on the jacket and beading and an embellished hem on the skirt. Almost over the top, but quite lovely.

Close up of the passementerie trim on the jacket.
Close up of tulle ruffle hem treatment and webbed beading on skirt.

Nobody trims like Lacroix. What a wealth of ideas, and yet it all works together. Great collar shape, too.

Detail of the trims on the pink suit above.

How chic is this? The design is picked out in crystals, but it's the shape that is perfection. Great sleeve vents, too.

Lovely bottle green velvet and fur jacket, but it's the skirt that's wonderful. The colors are oceanic, and the blouse with this is not what you'd expect.

Blouse with tiered ruffle skirt.

No one mixes prints like Lacroix. He goes where others fear to tread, and he succeeds!

Hello Theda Bara! Very silent movie era, but luscious.

Amazing fabric manipulation; rolled edges on each strip.

One of Lacroix's signature wild styles. Very pretty.

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I loved ALL of it!!! Thanks!! :~)

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