Friday, September 09, 2005

Luisa Beccaria Fall/Winter 2006

Italian designer, Luisa Beccaria is new to me, although she's been around a long time, and has a very nice collection. You can see the complete collection at Donna Moderna, and all Beccaria photos courtesy of Donna Moderna.

Cute suit with the long, bell sleeves we see so much of. There's almost a Tyrolean feel to this suit with the white lace embellishment and the gray wool fabric.
Very pretty ruffly sweater and blouse. There's a filet crochet look to the sweaterknit pattern on this and several sweaters in the collection.
These interesting sleeves with long cuffs on the blouse look like they're trimmed with the suit fabric, and the sheer blouse sleeves between the cuffs and the 3/4 suit sleeves add a lot of texture. Lots of designers seem to be edging away from fringe for trim, toward small ruffles.
Close up of ruffle trimmed suit. Great brocade fabric. Grayed blues are a favorite in the collection.
Very similar fabric, but a completely different style with a much easier fit to the jacket, and a silver quilted lining.
Fabulous red coat with velvet collar. Brought to my attention by Mardel; it's a gorgeous thing, and eminently wearable.
Classic velvet party dress, but with darling satin bow neckline addition.
This silhouette is straight from the 80's. I'm not sure I want to go back, but for those that haven't been there before...
I love the way this bow is tied. It has that little extra something.



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