Monday, September 12, 2005

Costello Tagliapietra

Known for jersey dresses, they've branched out with some nice separates and wovens too. Apparently the backs of the dresses are spectacular, according to but of course, we can't see them. I do agree that their very drapey dresses do not evoke the Grecian Goddess image, but rather Katherine Hepburn in 1930's movies; a modern woman who's not afraid of personal beauty.

There is something of a sameness to their looks, but they're all very graceful and sophisticated looking, while appearing easy to wear, and I predict they will be copied with alacrity.

Great color combination of charcoal and taupe.

A more structured top with a flattering collar and nice sleeves.

A little young, but still a nice look. A few pieces of jewelry would change the emphasis entirely.

This has such pretty proportions, but a camisole would be a must.

A much simpler style than the previous look, but a very nice day look, and probably more wearable.

Finally a pair of pants. There are 2 in the collection, and they apparently have slot seams. I like the trim leg shape.



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