Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2006

De la Renta never disappoints! What a lovely collection, and there is truly something for everyone. Notice please, the darling accessories, including gloves all around, and minaudière purses, although large totes are shown for casual looks. Even though he shows many sleeveless looks, his high armholes make them wearable for all ages, even though in many cases, the shoulders are quite bare. He also has many opportunities to cover up in a manner that pleases.

Just another example of Oscar chic. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Here's a close up of the marvelous necklace that really makes this outfit.

Embroidered casual skirts seem to be big this year, and this one is lent a Caribbean flavor by the ruffled blouse.

The safari look continues this year.

Beautifully fitted dress with a rolled edge at the bodice/skirt seam and the hem. Funky beading, yet de la Renta always has that level of elegance.

Close up of the beading.

Raw silk trousers and a great cardigan.

Wonderful seaming on this dress, and all edges, including the pocket edges, appear to be finished with a serging technique, with a similar decorative stitch above the hem.

Gorgeous suit, and what appears to be quite a lot of trim toward the top is actually the patterned fabric. I believe there is some beading or trim at the hems, or possibly a border print. We're definitely moving "on beyond" fringe.

A close up of this gorgeous fabric, with the small stitching/braid trim at the collar edge.

An example of a "constructed fabric." The close-up below shows the details.

Lots of work here just to get the fabric itself ready to make the dress.

Very elegant, and it's so nice to see the bows coming down to the natural waist level.

Still the lovely embellished jackets for a casual chic look.

One of a group of ladylike suits; all very nice, as usual.

Just about the same, but a longer coat for a little more swing. I'm beginning to like his low-neck blouses with the ruffle and tie. In a soft silk, they add quite a lot of style without adding too much volume.

A darling nod to quilting, with the blanket-stitched panels at the hem, and Oscar's "signature" skirt shape.

There's always something nice about his cardigan with a ballgown look that just doesn't work as well for some other designers.

What a fantastic look! Takes us back to the beginning necklace, only this time the embellishment is on the jacket. It looks like a poodle cloth/nubby bouclé for the base fabric.



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