Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brian Reyes Spring 2006

Another designer who's new to me, Brian Reyes shows a very nice collection.

An intriguing mix of short over long with sheer fabrics does draw one's attention. The color, or lack thereof, makes the jumble of details restful to the eye.

A great graphic print for a summer skirt.

Cute lace suit.

One of his favorite fabrics appears to be natural silk, here in an interesting blouse. Deeply cuffed pants are showing up a lot this spring.

Same fabric, very different style, but still very nice.

He seems enamored of frills at the bust, and this is cute. He has some that look like wash on the line.

Here are the weird frill thingies. I can't imagine how these passed the initial idea stage, but they appear several times.

Very cute petalled skirt.

A very strategically placed necklace, and there are those extraordinarily deep cuffs again.



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