Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rochas Spring 2006 RTW

Pantsuit in a slightly textured fabric with a violin case purse.

Very sweet dress, with fabulous fabric that you can see in the close up below.

Lovely banded effect on this 2-piece dress.

Another graceful skirt with bands. This is so Edwardian, and just lovely. This is very black in the original photo. It's been lightened to show the details.

This is darling from the front, and just look at the back shoulder detail.

A stellar example of why almost no one should ever wear horizontal stripes that are textured.

Another pantsuit with a cute little blouse.

What an elegant gown, and look at the Parisian Hemstitch detailing at the shoulder.

Jacket with intricate seaming, and a very cute hem detail on both the skirt and jacket. The textured fabric adds quite a lot, too.

So very pretty, and there's a lot going on here with fabric, edging and shape.



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