Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Valentino Couture Spring 2006

Valentino just has beautiful clothes. I was struck by how many of the garments incorporate fabric with polka dots. It's very springy, and somehow quite refreshing.

A beautiful basketweave bodice treatment, and all those ruffled tiers should make the skirt look overdone, but they don't.

Lace skirt with a sheer overlay, and more basketweave.

Lovely ottoman redingote with beautifully detailed pockets. I love the textured (embroidered? trapunto?) band on the dress.

One of Valentino's recurring styles, with a little tweaking. The ribbon-tied midriff jacket. He's using a lot of these huge collars.

Interesting jacket closure (chiffon tie), shown open.

Polka Dots, anyone? Isn't this just marvelously frivolous?

A more tailored approach to polka dots. The sheer overlay is lovely.

A very "young" dress, and the detail below shows that even a "yo-yo" can be couture!

Beautifully controlled ruching on this bodice, and a lovely, flippy, layered skirt.

Detail of the bodice.

An image of controlled spareness, although done with a print, and a lot of draping. Quite impressive, but only what we expect from a master.

A different collar treatment.

Sheer overblouse.

Striking ruched bands, and a great overskirt.

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