Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Revillon Couture Fall/Winter 2006

Rick Owens bought the Revillon licence, and has brought his aesthetic to the house of beautiful furs. Quite an interesting show. A lot of the fabric looks like fine, boiled wool, but I believe it is a cashmere fabrication, as could be expected.

Very intriguing sheer top with a twill tie neck fastening.

We've seen these draped shawl collars, but not in fur.

This outfit is charming, but look at the back closure below. Inspired!

What a stunning coat! So simple, yet so lovely.

Interesting seaming on an asymmetric outer garment.

Another interesting coat. They almost look like they're on backward, but it gives the luxe materials a very casual appeal. You can see the backview below, behind the full fur.

Beautiful pieces, with weirdly high, yet proportionally fascinating collars.

Wildly creative materials, seaming, shapes, closure. All in one garment.

Gazar gone wild, but it does work. Lovely pieces, and so modern.

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Anonymous Mardel said...

Gee, don't you just love what Rick Owens does? Such brilliant cuts, so modern, and yet so totally apart from everything else in fashion! You selected all my favorite photos.

7:17 PM  

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