Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lacroix Couture Spring 2006

Classic Lacroix colors and shapes. Here's the big collar again.

A double-breasted jacket with shorter front panels, making a ubiquitous shape fresh and new. It looks like sequined pocket bags, but I think it's the entire panel.

I adore this look with the wildly outsized collar and jabot. Look at the beautiful lace appliqué on the jacket, shown below.

This manages to be luxe and sporty at the same time; not an easy feat.

Well, we've all been wondering if puffed sleeve caps are really coming back, and I guess the answer is yes. What a great jacket though, and the print placement is perfect.

Great jacket, great dress; I think they're still fighting to see who comes out on top, though.

A beautifully understated gown.

A wonderfully done Classical gown.

I really like the cowl front on this sheer printed gown.

Another pannier gown, which is just charming with it's folded layers.

This is almost mermaid-like, with the gold floral embellishment on the lace overblouse.

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