Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yiqing Yin Couture Fall 2012

Yiqing Yin is a young designer who has her finger on some very intriguing points.
Avant garde?  Yes.
Outre?  Leaning that way, perhaps.
Wearable?  Oh, yes.

One of her signature elements is pleating, and I love the pleated effect on this top. The layers of fabric are lovely.

These two dresses are intricately constructed, and somewhat similar in feel.

This garment tells us a lot about the way the more voluminous pieces are contructed.

First example of laser cutting.

This is just gorgeous. I hope we'll see it on the Red Carpet sometime.

Another fabulous example of laser cutting, and a darling dress.

Botticelli's Venus, and so lovely.

I love the curvilinear shape above the bust.

I love this, and what fun to wear over pants, as we're seeing so much of this year, and it's calling to me.

The perfect cocktail dress.

And finally, this is just SO much fun, besides being beautiful.


Anonymous pella said...

Thanks for posting these. My favourites in terms of copyable-inspiration are the first one, both the grey top and the white skirt, and the flame orange skirt part of the lovely laser cut dress.

6:10 AM  
Blogger reeta said...

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5:14 AM  

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