Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2006

Gaultier Goes to Greece, and aren't we having a wonderful time?

A beautiful pleated skirt a la traditional Greek soldiers, and a great hem.

An opulent, yet sleek belt, with the look of Mykonos.

A beautiful, classic pantsuit, but look at the lovely pleated ruffle on the blouse collar and cuffs, and the appliquéd lapels and cuff turnbacks. The 2 close-ups below tell the tale of beautiful details.

The artfully tied blouse cuff, with the lined and appliqué-edged jacket sleeve turnback.

This shot of the back of the sleeve tells the tale of amazing attention to the tiniest detail. The shaped turnback, double-button french-cuff-like closures, and that wonderful appliqué work. It's all very reminiscent of his Fall 2005 show, with the appliquéd pant waistbands that matched the blouses, only this is more refined, and much more classic.

An interesting suit shape, and there's that Mykonos gold again.

A little more visible, just because of the color. The chiffon underblouse has wonderful pleated sleeves with a cord run through the pleats loosely at the hem.

What interesting embellishment on the top, and I do believe those are actual bell bottom pants.

Certainly a unique suit. I like the latticework with the embroidery, however impractical it is on this garment.

A very well done balloon skirt, which is the logical extension of this shape, and very appealing.

A beautiful gown.

Another of his writhing embellishments on a lovely gown.

A complete change of pace, with hard-edged modernity in satin.

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