Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yiqing Yin Couture Fall 2012

Yiqing Yin is a young designer who has her finger on some very intriguing points.
Avant garde?  Yes.
Outre?  Leaning that way, perhaps.
Wearable?  Oh, yes.

One of her signature elements is pleating, and I love the pleated effect on this top. The layers of fabric are lovely.

These two dresses are intricately constructed, and somewhat similar in feel.

This garment tells us a lot about the way the more voluminous pieces are contructed.

First example of laser cutting.

This is just gorgeous. I hope we'll see it on the Red Carpet sometime.

Another fabulous example of laser cutting, and a darling dress.

Botticelli's Venus, and so lovely.

I love the curvilinear shape above the bust.

I love this, and what fun to wear over pants, as we're seeing so much of this year, and it's calling to me.

The perfect cocktail dress.

And finally, this is just SO much fun, besides being beautiful.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Alexander Wang Resort 2013

I really like what he's doing with the various fabrications in a monochrome palette. The closely fitting cropped crocodile top is so fresh looking. The back is a fun surprise as well.

I'm liking the dress over pants look more and more, and although this is a dress over shorts, I think you could make it work very well with narrow pants for fall.
 I like the sheer dress/tunic with openings for pocket access.

The sheer dress with opaque slip is nice too, although it could be a little more fitted.

 I like this jacket with the interesting seamlines and asymmetrical sections. It would be nice in a wool or a heavy linen. The sleeves are a little heavy, I think.

This top is similar, but a little more interesting. The sheer areas give it an intriguing style.

Photos are from Trendland. If you aren't signed up for their daily newsletter, you should be.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2011

Almost every garment in this collection has a sheer overlay, which is a look I really like. Beautiful embroidery and embellishment is classic Dior, of course.

This is the first of a couple of 'back-to-front' effect jackets, which I'm liking a lot. This has a lot of volume in the front, but the back, which you can see at the side, in the second photo, is the real treat.

This is my favorite 'backward' jacket, and again, you can see the back in the second photo. I could see this shape in a much more casual, and cold-weather look with pants and a turtleneck underneath the jacket.

The beautiful cutaway coatdress is nothing to sneeze at either. I love the play of overlay and no overlay.

One more volume jacket, and the asymmetry of the pattern on the fabric and the overlay is quite fetching. The back is on the next photo as well as a lovely dress.

This angled volume is wonderful. I love the top with the volume and sheer overlay emphasized on the right, and the skirt with the volume, overlay and embroidery on the left. Too perfect.

How sophisticated is this? The embroidery once again enhances the design rather than just being a beautiful addition. I am just so impressed with the way every single element of this design adds to the complete package. There's not a false note anywhere.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Christian Dior Couture Fall 2009

A very pretty portrait neckline with embellishments shown below.

A beautifully draped jacket.

This is a bubble skirt I really like. There are several in this collection, and they seem much more integrated into the whole than most skirts of this style do.

Great use of stripes.

A very pretty way of widening the shoulder. The detail below shows the interesting folds.

A very unusual jacket shape, with exposed darts on the collar.

Another multi-layer jacket with dotted tulle overlay on the inner layer.

A pretty asymmetric neckline.

An unusual bodice with almost a trompe l'oeil effect, and another cute bubble skirt.

Another beautiful bodice on this dress.

Isn't this skirt the most fun?

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Giorgio Armani Resort 2010

Full cropped pants seem right for resort, but perhaps won't carry on through.

The same style does make a cute shorts silhouette.

Nice use of a large-scale print.

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Chado Ralph Rucci Resort 2010

Here are those bell sleeves again.

Very pretty seaming details and I love the pockets.

Tied with a bow. How cute is this, and very wearable.

An iconic jacket shape.

Seemingly simple, yet with lots of intriguing and intricate details.

One of his favored dress shapes, but a bit more casual, and suitable for daywear.

Even more casual in feel, yet intricately constructed.

Faggotting with 'worms' for a very cute set.

So fresh looking. The pieced seaming is so pretty with this fabrication.

More obvious and possibly more impressive work, but ultimately, not as attractive.

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