Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2006 RTW

A jacket with an exagerated crossover, and cropped pants.

A different sweater shape, and a very unusual skirt. The ubiquitous cuffs look like they belong, here.

An intriguingly patterned top.

A sweaterknit top with band trimming and a leather belt and leggings.

Close up of the belt and top.

Interesting proportions and patterned tights.

Short over long again with a nicely draped jacket and another inverted V-opening long top layer.

Banded hip-slung skirt with a cut-out sweater, which carries on the V theme.

Another V shape piece. Although this looks somewhat like a belt, I believe it is the front of a vest-type piece. You can see the back of it below.

Back of the above "vest" behind a strangely hairy coat, although the more I look at it, the more I think I might quite like it if it quit at the knee, under the wide band.

This is just an interesting shape, color, etc. and the turtleneck panel piece is quite nice.

A very pretty textural knit dress.

He does seem to be experimenting with lots of disparate pieces, and odd shapes, but I like the skirt with the longer back, and almost an apron front.

Another of these floating panel pieces that look like they go over the head. I really begin to like them.

Very pretty low-waisted effect.

A beautifully draped dress.

This is quite lovely.

The dress is very nice. The little bodice top under it is less successful. It fights with the clean-lined dress.

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