Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 RTW

The question is: is he returning to his "grunge roots"? I don't know, but he does rather pile it on. It can be very chic though.

Marc Jacobs showed some voluminous dresses. This one has a piped hem.

An interesting bias draped top with a band neck makes a good use of the plaid.

Sweatshirt-style sweater with leather skirt and gloves.

He is big on plaid this year, and also skirts over pants.

Colorblocking in a new, interesting way on this jacket.

Great lace skirt, a nice sweater, and those are fishnet pants.

A new combination; a wool coat with a deep leather band at the hem.

A deep, deep cowl on this tunic with contrast welt pockets. The twisted collar on the top is a nice touch.

A nice cropped jacket.



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