Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chanel Spring 2008 Couture

Or, as someone said, Baby Chanel.

Honestly, it's a very youthful collection, not always in a good way. Flat shoes throughout with consciously awkward stances. I don't know that it serves the clothes well, but it does make an apparent point about who the preferred Chanel customer will be. I would think it might be a little disappointing for all the house's loyal customers to realize that none of the garments being shown were designed for them and their lives. Certainly with changes, they'll be perfectly wonderful, but it's a bit hard being second choice, for anyone.

Here are the more adult choices, in my opinon, anyway.

Gray is still in, with a minimalist trim level.

Cute pockets and interesting under-arm seaming.

I like this dress/jacket look, and I like the collar.

Looped-up pleats, and I guess fringed trim is not dead yet.

Another cute pleated bubble skirt. I think this could be pretty in a longer, more wearable length in a very soft fabric.

You can always rely on seeing a nice dropped-waist look at Chanel.

I like the neckline, and the draping on the skirt, if not the length.

So feminine, and what a beautiful line. Look at the wonderful fabrication below.

Very nice '60's ring collar and great sleeves.

Somehow, not the most flattering look in the show.

Kind of an appealing jacket silhouette, but how much better without the chopped-off skirt. The sleeves would be very tricky to wear with all that width, but the curves are pretty.

A beautifully constructed gown with a graceful skirt and not so aggressively flat shoe.

The ruffles under the sleeves remind me forcefully of the sea-creature suits of a few years ago.

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Anonymous Peggy L said...

Liana - thanks for posting these. It looks like some of the jackets are getting longer. Interesting! Like you, I am way past that short skirt stage but that's easy enough to fix.

7:09 AM  

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