Thursday, July 05, 2007

RM by Roland Mouret Fall 2007 RTW

It's so nice to see Roland Mouret back in business! He's emphasizing daywear, always a nice plan for most of us.

Here's a clever, wearable dress.

Interestingly shaped coat.

A unique skirt shape, but another ubiquitous "hoodie" although with shaping seams.

Looks like a Lycra blend for sure.

A cute little sporty jacket with stand-away patch pockets.

A real handkerchief skirt.

The top-to-bottom zipper shaping is clever, but I'm not sure it adds so much.

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Blogger Pamela Erny said...

Liana....shame on me for not visiting this blog of yours more often!

I like the shaped fact I think I might try to copy some of the details...for myself and for my sister and my nieces!

Check out my newest post at Off The Cuff Style to see photos of shirts from the Vivienne Westwood Man collection, that a client wants me to "interpret" for him...Should prove to be an interesting assignment!

11:44 AM  

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