Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dior Fall 2006 Couture

Galliano's show opened with dresses with armored sleeves. Notice the hip volume is shown at Dior as well.

Beautiful draping with square copper sequins which always seem sparklier than the round ones.

A very solid little jacket, highly embellished, and a fish hat, which is quite adorable.

Another almost articulated jacket, with another "scaly" hat.

Yes, it's a Lobster Suit & Hat, but I love the skirt and the jacket body, stripping away all the articulated parts; sleeves, shoulders and peplum. The embroidery is just lovely.

Obviously, she's a topiary tree, but the interesting part is that the loops on the skirt are made from dyed horsehair braid.

A very striking draped dress with an elegant horizontal line.

A beautifully tailored cocktail jacket. He's showing a lot of leggings, and of course here's the shoulder and hip volume again.

A witty hair ornament a la Artemis.

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