Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chanel Fall 2006 Couture

Black velvet suit with graduated white satin bows.

A charming little black & white number. So high-waisted she almost looks like she's on stilts. Very cute wide bound edging on both jacket and skirt.

Bejeweled buttons are everywhere, along with coordinating brooches with dangles. Many of the fabrics are just as encrusted as this coatdress. Again, it's worn with thigh-high denim boots.

The shoulders are getting a little broader, and the upper sleeves a little wider. Fringed edges are still everywhere, and double layer hems are also ubiquitous.

Charming version of a cutaway coat. Below, you can see the favored sleeve cap seam in a close up, as well as the fringed edges.

A darling suit with wonderful yarn fringe trim, very closely fitted.

A cap-sleeved winter dress with fingerless gloves. Same shoulder/yoke seam. You can see a few more details below.

A rather simple, and very wearable suit.

Classic Chanel tucked blouse, with a jeweled belt and skirt. Details below.

More with the iconic bows. A very cute coat with satin binding.

A very graceful suit. My favorite so far, and very classic. A close up below. Is the binding satin or leather?

Gilded tweed with embroidery, fringe, and beading

A beautiful evening coat.

Quite the Eastern influence here.

The armorial theme comes to the fore.

Van Gogh anyone?

I do think you'd have to change the proportions without the boots. A very interesting bodice drape, which you can see below.

A tour de force with ribbon.

Kind of a cute trapeze shape, and you can really see the wider, tapered sleeve below.

Fabulously encrusted, with of course, the close up.

A very slim style.

An entirely new proportion.

Very modern looking with the patterned pants.

More on top of more, on top of more. Details of the fabulous handwork below, and the adorable shoes.

And the bride to finish!

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