Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chanel Spring 2007 Couture

Wonderful details in this spring suit.

Another interesting example of grain manipulation, and banded edging. Still the very rounded shoulders.

Hemlines are rising.

Neomodern lines, and a cute stand-up collar.

A perfect touch with the use of contrast.

What a wonderful reworking of classic Chanel elements, and they look so fresh.

Delicate feather edging on a finely pleated blouse.

I like this neckline with the small rolled collar.

The top of an intricate two piece dress.

An asymmetrically closed jacket, and the return of the carwash skirt.

Close up of the beautiful jacket detailing.

A wonderful cocktail blouse.

What an interesting shape, with some eyecatching detail as well.

Very Poiret.

Almost a shirtwaist effect, and what an interesting use of trim to control the fabric.

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